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Expert Tips On Ways To Save On Your Home Remodel

Posted by Scott Ranck on Aug 3, 2015 9:49:41 AM

Remodeling your home is fun and exciting, but as far as rising expenses go, it can be all too easy to get carried away. Even if you take all the right budgeting precautions (like building in a 20% cushion to cover impulse buys, as well as unpleasant surprises), actually sticking to it can prove hard to do.


The good news it that there's no shortage of creative ideas to cut costs without compromising your desired results. By following a few simple tips you may be able to open up more room in your budget for “extras”. Here are a few smart ways to save on your home remodel.

Get more space-efficiency without adding square footage.

Most people’s first remodeling impulse is to add-on, especially when it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovations.  However, you can save major money by using what’s there, if at all possible, and increase efficiency instead of size. One way to skip having to build on, for example, is to replace bulky cabinets, shelves and other space-hogs with custom-designed upgrades equipped with pullout trays, dividers, and other sleek, space saving features.

Know where to “splurge” and where to save.

You want to be happy with the results of your home remodel, of course, so the last thing you should do is “skimp” on everything. Rather, it’s all about choosing the best places to spend. Would you do anything for high ceilings? Opening them up won’t be cheap, but it’ll be transformative, and worth every penny. Love to cook? Then don’t cheapen out on that top-of-the-line natural gas range you’ve been dreaming about. Instead, forgo the commercial-style fridge. Because not only will a deluxe natural gas stovetop drive up your re-sale value, but its quality and durability will pay off for decades. Refrigerators, on the other hand, need to be replaced every ten years or so.

Take advantage of appliance rebates.

Think high performance, energy-efficient natural gas appliances will put a big dent in your remodeling budget? Think again. Thanks to natural gas rebates, you can offset the initial cost of including a natural gas water heater, range, clothes dryer and furnace. (In the process, you’ll also increase your re-sale value by 6%, and save money and energy every month.) 

For more information and tips on your upcoming home remodel or virtually any other energy topic, visit the Energy Experts at Florida Public Utilities. Plus, don’t forget to take a closer look at how you can conserve energy and save money with natural gas appliances. 

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