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Routine Appliance Maintenance For Energy-Efficiency

Posted by Scott Ranck on Sep 29, 2015 4:23:40 PM


Whether it’s cleaning the stovetop after dinner, or removing lint from the dryer’s filter, most people know how to care for their appliances after each use. However, there are also periodical maintenance guidelines you should take in order to keep your home appliances running smoothly and safely as well to increase energy efficiency. The right weekly, monthly and yearly upkeep can even help your appliances last longer. Here are some important reminders to include on your home maintenance checklist.

Once A Week

  • Remove and scrub the drip bowls on your stovetop
  • Deodorize your empty dishwasher by putting a bowl of white vinegar on the top rack and then run it for a full cycle   
  • Remove twigs, pollen and other debris from the top and sides of your outdoor HVAC unit(s)

Once A Month 

  • Clean or replace your air filter
  • Clean the rubber gaskets on your washer and dryer (experts recommend using equal parts water and vinegar)
  • Empty your refrigerator’s ice bins and clean thoroughly

Once Every Six Months

  • Flush out your water heater to remove clogging agents, like debris
  • Wash your dryer’s lint filter with detergent to remove residue that can restrict airflow
  • Replace the water filter in your refrigerator

Once A Year

  • Remove and clean out the entire exhaust duct line of your dryer
  • Discharge your water heater’s temperature-pressure release valve at least twice to test for small leaks
  • To prevent buildup, pour a cup of bleach mixed with water down your air-conditioner’s condensate drain

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