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Three-Day Tax Free Appliance Holiday for Floridians

Posted by Scott Ranck on Sep 19, 2014 12:18:00 PM


Are you searching for ways to lower your monthly energy bill or would you like to increase the value of your home? State officials say upgrading to energy efficient appliances in your home could result in significant savings on your utility bill.

This weekend many Floridians are taking advantage of the 2014 Tax Free Appliance  Holiday, a three-day shopping period approved this spring by lawmakers and Gov. Rick Scott on select energy-efficient appliances.
Sales tax will not be collected on the first $1,500 of the price of select Energy Star or WaterSense products. It will include clothes washers, water heaters, swimming pool pumps, refrigerators, dish washers, light bulbs and more. "This is a great opportunity for Floridians to upgrade those appliances and make those purchases that they've been waiting to make," said Samantha Stratton, a federation spokeswoman.

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The tax free holiday begins at 12:01 AM Friday and ends at 11:59 Sunday night. Click here for details.



Convert to Natural Gas and save up to $1,750 in cash rebates!

If you are looking for additional ways to conserve energy and save money, consider this.  In the natural gas world, each appliance you convert to natural gas reduces the demand on the electric grid. Water heating is our second largest energy user in Florida, so all the investor owned natural gas utilities offer substantial rebates for converting to natural gas, building with natural gas or replacing an existing gas water heater with a new one.

You can check for natural gas service in your area by clicking here and typing in your zip code. The utility that serves your area will help you determine if natural gas can be brought to your home. All the investor-owned, natural gas utilities offer substantial rebates to help you convert to natural gas.


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