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Top 2 Things You Should Know About Pool Heaters in the Summer Season

Posted by Scott Ranck on Jul 1, 2015 3:14:27 PM

Pool in the summer
I recently investigated a high natural gas bill at a large condominium association in South Florida. There are two major lessons I have learned over the years concerning pool heaters in the summertime. This will be a short but helpful article.

1)  Pool heaters will work even when the water is already warm.

The settings can be high enough that the pool heater will fire. TURN OFF the pool heater for the summer months. This particular condominium association used a considerable amount of gas in the month of May, which should require no pool heating in their market. 


2)  You must have your pool heater secured so the public cannot get to the controls.

The second lesson is aimed at all commercial type pools, condos, hotels, etc. A four foot high fence is not enough. If the public can access the controls, someone will turn it on and turn it up. They may make your pool feel like a hot tub! Secured means locked down in a way that only authorized personnel will be able to work the on/off settings and adjust the temperature. 

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