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Intertwining Energy and Society

Posted by Scott Ranck on Jan 30, 2017 2:32:45 PM



It really is quite remarkable how closely society is tied to energy.

Every aspect of society is heavily dependent upon energy. Everything Floridians do, including simply getting from Point A to Point B, to the meals we eat and the space conditioning required for the buildings we spend most of our lives in, are all completely reliant on energy. With such a strong correlation between energy and society, it’s not a stretch to conclude that improving how energy consumption in our buildings actually improves our society at large.

In following this logic, those who consume larger amounts energy, such as commercial and industrial enterprises, essentially have a greater potential to positively impact society by improving how they consume energy. Business owners and commercial building operators have many options for increasing efficiency in the way in which their buildings consume energy.  


Perhaps two of the most straightforward approaches for improving energy efficiency of commercial businesses in Florida would be 1) to replace older appliances with new, natural gas appliances, and 2) to consider installing emerging natural gas technologies, such as Gas Heat Pumps (GHP). 

Florida Public Utilities Company (FPUC) offers a significant commercial rebate program for commercial business owners and building operators who are seeking to upgrade existing natural gas equipment or to convert electric appliances to natural gas.

These FPUC commercial rebates have been categorized into five types of commercial business classes: Small Food Service, Large Food Service, Hospitality & Lodging, Laundromats, and Non-Food Service. Click here for more information on what types of rebates are available for each of these commercial business classes.  

For business owners and commercial building operators who are looking for unconventional approaches to increase energy efficiency, installation of emerging technologies, such as Gas Heat Pumps (GHP) should be considered.   

What's particularly exciting about Gas Heat Pumps (GHP) is the concept of using natural gas to provide the space cooling for a commercial building. Gas Heat Pumps can considerably lower a commercial building’s electric load by shifting the duties of space cooling to natural gas. Of course, lower electric loads is accompanied by reduced electric consumption and lower electric demand charges. 

Whether upgrading older appliances or installing new technologies, FPUC provides its commercial customers options for improving the energy efficiency of the businesses that fuel Florida’s economy. Contact a Commercial FPUC representative to see how your business can boost energy efficiency, thereby improving society at large.

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