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3 Ways to Maximize Natural Gas Over The Holidays

Posted by Scott Ranck on Dec 4, 2014 12:58:00 PM

Maximize natural gas for the holidays

When I think about the holiday season, my mind goes to smells of fresh baked cookies, and the delight of watching the flames dance in the fireplace in a nice warm home. It actually is nice to have a little cold weather in late December, especially for all of us who moved here from the northern climates.

Here are three great ways to maximize natural gas in your home for the holidays:

1) Cooking with gas like you are a Food Network Chef is the first way!

Gas cooking puts the control in your hands. When the burner is turned off it is off. You have much better control of your heat that is why the vast majority of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas. Don’t forget to check on the conservation rebates when switching to gas, upgrading or when you build your new home.

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2) You can't go wrong with a gas fireplace!

Gas fire logs are a great way to be able to have all the beauty of a fireplace without any of the mess. There is no need to store a large supply of wood for the termites to eat, when we only have a small amount of time we can use a fire logs.

I recommend using a vented system. The reason is, for every 100,000 BTUs of gas combusted the by product is nearly one gallon of water vapor introduced to your home. We already battle humidity here and our homes don’t need the extra moisture, so vent that fire place to the outside.

3) Gas furnaces are the best!

I have a gas furnace and love feeling the toasty air coming from the vents. Gas furnaces will have 130° air coming into your living space versus 98° air from other common furnace types. Remember there are significant conservation rebates for natural gas furnaces from your natural gas utility.

There are three great ways to get the most from your natural gas this holiday season. For more energy information contact your energy experts at Florida Public Utilities.

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