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4 Ways Natural Gas Helps Fuel Small Businesses in Volusia County

Posted by Aleida Socarras on Sep 8, 2014 4:02:45 PM

The health of local commerce is essential to the well being of any community. Here is an inside look at how natural gas is quietly contributing to the success and growth of small businesses in Volusia County.
By helping small businesses be competitive and prosper, natural gas helps to energize a positive economic cycle that benefits the community as a whole.
1) Reduced Energy Costs
Most people have heard the saying, “It takes money to make money”. Natural gas not only helps companies improve their operations’ performance, it provides a more efficient and economical energy source — helping business owners lower their energy costs and boost their bottom lines. Such savings can then be reinvested back into the company, giving new or struggling businesses extra resources to gain stability or stay afloat.  Or, for more established businesses, “freeing up” funds that can be put toward new job creation, expansion initiatives, and various other forms of business growth.
2) Rebates for Commercial Upgrades
Volusia County commercial customers are eligible for substantial cash rebates when they replace their old, worn out natural gas or electric appliances with qualifying new, more efficient natural gas equipment. Natural gas rebates offset initial costs of making energy efficiency improvements and open the door to ongoing and long-term savings.  
3) Increased Economic Stimululus
Natural gas plays a vital role in fueling Volusia County’s economy by reducingrow_moneyg household and business energy costs. When families and business owners spend less on energy, they spend more on other products and services that further fuel the economy businesses prosper and grow, they hire more people and create more wealth in a community and the cycle of prosperity continues.  With plenty of supply and less volatility in price, natural gas will continue to play a key role in helping small businesses grow, attracting manufacturing and industrial facilities, and bringing new commerce to the area. 
4) Reliability During a Power Outage
For businesses with natural gas, “no power” doesn’t have to mean “no revenue.”
What’s different when natural gas is available? Natural gas is delivered through underground pipelines, making it less susceptible to the effects of storms, hurricanes and other causes of power outages.
This translates to a level of service reliability that is virtually fail-proof. Plus, as a general rule, natural gas appliances such as ranges, grills and tank-style water heaters stay on, even when the power goes out. Last but not least, businesses can take emergency preparedness a step further with natural gas generators that can keep even the most energy-intensive operations up and running—and for up to half the cost of operating non-gas generators.
Natural gas can be a powerful tool in Volusia County’s “Economic Development” initiatives and programs, and FPU is a trusted partner to help the area attract new businesses.
Click here to learn more about the economic benefits of natural gas, natural gas commercial rebates, or FPU’s Economic Development Program.

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