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Natural Gas & Nassau County Florida: Hospitality Industry

Posted by Aleida Socarras on Sep 12, 2014 9:33:00 AM

Nassau County Lodge


According to the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association (FRLA), Florida's $71.8-billion dollar hospitality industry represents 23% of Florida’s economy and employs more than 1-million employees, positioning it as Florida’s largest employer. In Nassau County Florida “leisure and hospitality” is the second largest industry sector, employing 22.3% of the area’s workforce.

The hospitality industry is diverse and includes everything from small “mom-and-pop”-type sandwich shops to vast, sprawling resorts with thousands of rooms and amenities—and energy is of great importance to every owner or property manager. Energy savings and reliable service are critical components in operating a business. Reducing energy cost helps businesses improve their bottom line even without increasing sales. Having reliable energy means businesses can operate without worrying about service interruptions. Natural gas is helping the hospitality industry to function in a more productive manner.


Performance Meets Profits
More than 9-out-of-10 chefs prefer cooking with natural gas because of its superior performance. However the benefits extend all the way to the banNatural Gas Dryersk! Take a natural gas booster water heater, for example. In comparison to a non-gas model, a gas water heater can save restaurants an average of $2,387 per year, alone. Furthermore, natural gas cooking appliances can save commercial kitchens more than one-third in operating costs.

The advantages of natural gas are not exclusive to food service. In fact, natural gas tankless water heaters provide a virtually endless supply of hot water every day and up to 55% in water heating energy savings. Also, natural gas dryers cost up to half as much to operate and provide even more value in terms of “time saved”. In fact, they can dry double the loads in half the time compared to their non-gas counterparts.


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Rebates, At Your Service

Commercial customers are eligible for substantial financial rebates when they replace old worn- out, inefficient gas or electric appliances with new natural gas equipment. Commercial rebates are made available to help offset the cost of upgrading to higher-performance, more energy-efficient equipment.



What makes natural gas so reliable? It is delivered through underground pipelines, rendering it less susceptible to the effects of storms, hurricanes and other causes of power outages. This translates to a level of service reliability that is virtually fail-safe. In addition, natural gas equipment, such as ranges, grills and tank-style water heaters stay on, even when the power goes out.! This makes natural gas especially valuable for Florida’s hospitality industry.
Businesses can also take emergency preparedness one step further with natural gas generators, which can keep even the most energy-intensive operations up and running for up to half the cost of operating non-gas generators.
In case of natural disasters and other emergencies, FPU will be working very closely with the County’s emergency management officials and the Nassau County Economic Development Board (NCEDB) to ensure businesses are operational and their service is restored as quickly as possible to mitigate the impact to the local economy.


A Greener Economy For All

For business owners, the savings and other “bottom line benefits” enabled by natural gas can then be reinvested back into their company, “freeing up” funds that can be put toward new job creation, expansion initiatives, and various other forms of business growth.

With plenty of supply and less volatility in price, natural gas will continue to play a key role in contributing to the cycle of prosperity for Nassau County hotels and restaurants, and the Florida hospitality industry as a whole.

Click here to learn more about the economic benefits of natural gas, natural gas commercial rebates, or FPU’s Economic Development Program.


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