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FPU Blog

Farm Irrigation Systems | The Case for Propane

Posted by Mark Thompson on Jan 12, 2015 9:22:00 AM

Selecting the optimal farm irrigation system is often a big and important decision—one that can greatly impact a farm’s bottom line. Many questions may be considered depending on your individual situation. What is your water source (water quality and quantity)? Do you own or lease your farmland? How much will you spend initially for your preferred irrigation system, and what costs can you expect down the road? The type, size and shape of your crops will also help you determine the irrigation methods you put to use.
Read on to find out how to save up to up to 60% in per gallon fuel costs with a propane irrigation system, and learn why farmers are saying it performs better, and that they’re likely to purchase one again.
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Topics: Commercial, propane, incentives, Rebates, Irrigation

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