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FPU Blog

FPU Blog

How to School Your Kids on Energy Conservation

Why You Should Use Natural Gas Water Heaters in your Business

Hurricane Season: We’ve Got You Covered

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly… from the 2019 Florida Legislative Session

Why You Should Have An Energy Check-Up This Year

4 Reasons Why Your Utility Costs Can Rise In The Winter

Natural Gas Impacts on New Construction With Florida V. 6 Building Code

FPU Offers Free Energy Presentation By Senior Energy Specialist for 2018

3 Ways To Extend Your Summer Activities Using Gas

3 Ways To Save Energy Costs At Home While Vacationing

3 Best Practices for Understanding Electrical Power Outages and Restoration

3 Tips To Protect Your Home From Mold

3 Unusual Issues That Can Affect Your Air Conditioner

Ask The Energy Expert: Hurricane Preparedness

Natural Gas to Fuel Commercial Economy

What Do Water Heaters And Smartphones Have In Common?

Ask The Energy Expert—Understanding The Changing World of Electric Utilities

Intertwining Energy and Society

What’s your Company’s 2017 New Year’s Energy Resolution?

Top 3 Things To Know About Home Heating

Discover How Natural Gas Can Make Your Business More Hurricane-Resilient

Reflections on Hurricane Matthew

Is There Really A Natural Gas Moon?

Discover the Top 3 High Performance Home Upgrades That Could Lower Your Utility Costs

3 Ways To Achieving The Perfect Temperature For Your Pool This Summer

Local FL Businesses Compete to Increase Energy Efficiency and Earn Commercial Rebates

How Hot Water Can Raise Utility Bills

3 Tips to Help Reduce Your AC Costs This Summer

How to Calculate Monthly Pool Pump Costs For Your Home

Home Energy Management

Natural Gas Cooking & Safety Pointers for the Holiday Season!

Holiday Cooking, Radio Interview

3 Reasons Why Natural Gas Stovetops Are Better

3 Signs It’s Time For A New Water Heater

3 Natural Gas Upgrades That Will Increase Home Re-Sale Value

Routine Appliance Maintenance For Energy-Efficiency

3 Reasons Why Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters Are Better

Expert Tips On Ways To Save On Your Home Remodel

Big Differentiators Between Natural Gas Dryers and Non-Gas Dryers

3 Things That Greatly Impact Your Utility Bill

3 Tips You Should Know When Buying a New Air Conditioner in Florida

Top 2 Things You Should Know About Pool Heaters in the Summer Season

How To Keep Your Natural Gas Range Operating At Its Full Potential

Beware of Energy/Utility Scam Advertisements in Florida

8 Ways to Reduce Your Summer Utility Bill

Farm Irrigation Systems | The Case for Propane

FPU | 5 Reasons To Become An Energy Skeptic

Floridians: Is Natural Gas Available In FL?

3 Ways to Maximize Natural Gas Over The Holidays

4 Energy-Saving Tools to Help Reduce Your Monthly Utility Bill

5 Steps To Maintaining Winter Appliances In Florida

Renters: 6 Tips to Saving Money on Your Monthly Utility Bill

8 Ways Homeowners Can Save Money On Their Monthly Utility Bill

3 Tips Every Floridian Should Know About Gas Heat

Three-Day Tax Free Appliance Holiday for Floridians

Perfect Water Heater Temperature for Florida Homes

Natural Gas & Nassau County Florida: Hospitality Industry

The Top 2 Water Heaters You Should Consider for Your Home

4 Ways Natural Gas Helps Fuel Small Businesses in Volusia County

4 Energy Conservation Techniques For Your Clothes Dryer

Outdoor Grilling – Is Your Grill Convertible to Natural Gas?

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